His Love for You Statement of Faith

At His Love for You we believe:

  • In the Holy Trinity of, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.
  • The Holy Bible is the inspired, God breathed, inerrant and infallible Word of God. 
  • God put within man the gift and responsibility to choose.  Love is not robotic neither can love be demanded.  If love is forced to be given, it is not love.  That is why God gave us a choice.  Will you love me with all your heart, soul and mind or, will you reject me? 
  • When Adam and Eve chose to eat of the fruit of the tree God told them not to eat of, man chose to disobey God and sin entered the world.
  • ·God is also a Holy God who cannot sin.  He must pass judgement on sin.  Sin is disobeying God’s laws which brings separation from God and eternal punishment.
  • God chose, because He is a great loving God, to make a plan to redeem mankind back to Himself.  The price to redeem and give humanity a chance back into fellowship with God was to give up His own life and, to pay the penalty for sin.  No greater love can a man show that he gives his life for another.  So it was that God sent Jesus to become man and demonstrate no greater love.  Jesus came to Earth to buy us back and give us a doorway back to God.  That doorway is Jesus.
  • Jesus, being both wholly God and wholly man was born of a virgin Mary.
  • Jesus lived a sinless life.
  • It was His sacrificial shed blood on the cross on our behalf to be the all sufficient atonement for not only all our sins, but for the sins of the whole world. 
  • Jesus physically rose from the dead after three days and was seen by women and men.
  • Jesus ascended into Heaven and is seated at the right hand of God the Father.
  • Jesus will return one day to gather His saints to be with Him forever in Heaven.
  • Salvation and peace with God comes from a repentant heart towards God and looking to Jesus’ shed blood on that cross to cover every one of our sins, past, present and future and believing He rose from the dead after three days conquering death in our behalf.  Jesus paid it all and did it all because He knew we couldn’t do any of it.  He asks of us just one thing.  By faith, will you love me with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind or, will you reject me?
  • When we by faith, ask and receive Jesus into our hearts as our Savior He enters our heart and seals us with His Holy Spirit of promise.  We then become His adopted sons and daughters, forever.
  • Our good works and our religious ceremonies do not play any part in us becoming a believer in Jesus Christ whereby the penalty for our sins have been paid and our fellowship with God is restored.  While God desires us to do good works and we with great and deep heart felt sincerity want to please and honor God in our religious ceremonies, the ceremonies can never replace or contribute to the great blood atonement that Jesus poured out for every one of us. 
  • We can and should honor and worship God in many sincere and tender ways.  What brings joy to the heart of God and what honors God the most is our humble and grateful heart of faith in what Jesus has done for us.  As a result, such a heart should desire to grow and live that way.