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Discover a Personal Relationship with God and His Love For You

The world is filled with religion, hopelessness, loneliness and pain. Where can you turn? To the one who knew you and loved you before the world was. His name is Jesus!

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Spend Time With God Daily-Discover the Benefits

Spending time with God daily can greatly impact every area of your life. Learn how your life takes on deeper value as you comprehend God’s true riches for you.

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Why Do We Celebrate Christmas?

Why do we celebrate Christmas? Because discovering the depths of God's love for you through Jesus Christ brings peace and joy today and forevermore.

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Dealing with Abusive Family Members

When you’re dealing with abusive family members, your heart can become very discouraged. There are ways you can begin to regain and protect a healthy image of yourself.

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Can I Lose My Salvation?

Have you found yourself asking, "Can I lose my salvation?" We want to help bring clarity and encouragement to your heart and your faith.

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Building the Foundation of your life on Jesus Christ is vital.

What separates Jesus from all other religions? Jesus as God came to die for you so you could be friends with God. No one else did, did they? That is why Jesus is your Sure Foundation.

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Spirituality and Addiction Recovery

Is there a connection between spirituality and addiction recovery? Find out how a personal relationship with God helps to put you on the road to victory.

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